Beverly Lewis' The Photograph is an enchanting novel that dives into the Amish community's life, illustrating the culture's simplicity, faith, and resilience. The story follows Eva Esch and her young sister, Lily, dealing with their elder sister's sudden disappearance and an intriguing photograph left behind.

The Photograph

Eva Esch and her sisters are in a predicament. With the passing of their widowed mother, Eva's older brother Menno plans to move his growing family into the Eden Valley farmhouse where they all grew up, leaving little room for his three single sisters. Surely, Menno reasons, at least one of them will marry this coming wedding season. Eva does hope to marry, but she isn't sure she wants to give up her sweet shop for the life of a farmer's wife, and she has no other prospects. 418-pages.

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Janette Oke's 'Love Comes Softly' is a tenderhearted tale that beautifully depicts the strength and resilience of the human spirit. Set in the pioneer era, the novel introduces us to Marty and Clark Davis, two individuals brought together by fate and the harsh realities of frontier life.

Love Comes Softly

Love Comes Softly Series, Book 1 of 8
A marriage of convenience blooms into heartfelt love in an Old West homestead. Love Comes Softly, Janette's first novel, has sold over one million copies. 240-pages.

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Tracie Peterson's 'A Sensible Arrangement' is a captivating tale set in the backdrop of the late 19th century. Marty Dandridge Olson, a widow longing to escape the memories of her late husband in Texas, agrees to a marriage of convenience.

A Sensible Arrangement

Lone Star Brides, Book 1 of 3
Answering an advertisement for a "Lone Star bride," Marty Dandridge leaves her Texas ranch and heads to Denver to marry a man she doesn't know. 402-pages.

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Dee Henderson's 'The Negotiator' is an enthralling romantic suspense novel, featuring an FBI agent and a hostage negotiator who must navigate through a series of high-risk situations. Action, intrigue, and emotional depth...

The Negotiator

The O'Malley Series, Book 1 of 6
FBI agent Dave Richman from Danger in the Shadows is back. He's about to meet Kate O'Malley, and his life will never be the same. She's a hostage negotiator. He protects people. He's about to find out that falling in love with a hostage negotiator is one thing, but keeping her safe is another! 308-pages.

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Jan Karon's 'At Home in Mitford' is a charming depiction of small-town life, with endearing characters and engaging storylines. The novel, the first book in Karon's beloved Mitford Series, introduces readers to Father Kavanaugh, an Episcopalian priest.

At Home in Mitford

The Mitford Series, Book 1 of 14
The first novel in #1 New York Times bestselling author Jan Karon’s beloved series set in America’s favorite small town: Mitford.

It's easy to feel at home in Mitford. In these high, green hills, the air is pure, the village is charming, and the people are generally lovable. Yet, Father Tim, the bachelor rector, wants something more. Enter a dog the size of a sofa who moves in and won't go away. Add an attractive neighbor who begins wearing a path through the hedge. Now, stir in a lovable but unloved boy, a mystifying jewel theft, and a secret that's sixty years old. Suddenly, Father Tim gets more than he bargained for And readers get a rich comedy about ordinary people and their ordinary lives. 562-pages.

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In When Crickets Cry, Charles Martin beautifully explores the themes of love, loss, and healing through the lens of compelling characters and a gripping storyline. The tale centers around a young girl with a heart condition and a man, haunted by his past, who becomes her unlikely defender.

When Crickets Cry

A man with a painful past. A child with a doubtful future. And a shared journey toward healing for both their hearts. 336-pages.

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Francine Rivers

Redeeming Love

California’s gold country, 1850. A time when men sold their souls for a bag of gold and women sold their bodies for a place to sleep. 479-pages.

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Sherri Schoenborn Murray's Fried Chicken and Gravy is a heartwarming and engaging piece of Christian fiction. The novel explores the complexities of life and relationships through relatable characters and a charming small-town setting

Fried Chicken and Gravy

Missy Stuart may have a knack for fixin' cars, but she sure can't cook. 304-pages.

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War Room is a gripping novel by Chris Fabry, inspired by the Kendrick Brothers' popular film. The book delves deeper into the lives of its characters, exploring themes of faith, prayer, and the power of spiritual warfare.

The War Room

Prayer is a Powerful Weapon.
"Veteran author Chris Fabry ("The Song") once again writes a novel based on a movie, this time depicting Alex and Stephen Kendrick's upcoming film about a family on the brink of self-destruction."
Juggling motherhood and her job as a real-estate agent, Elizabeth Jordan wishes her husband could help more around the house. But Tony’s rising career as a pharmaceutical salesman demands more and more of his time. With a nice home in the suburbs and a lovely young daughter, they appear to have it all―yet they can’t seem to spend time together without fighting.
Hoping for a new listing, Elizabeth visits the home of Clara Williams, an elderly widow, and is both amused and uncomfortable when Clara starts asking pointed questions about her marriage and faith. But it’s Clara’s secret prayer room, with its walls covered in requests and answers, that has Elizabeth most intrigued . . . even if she’s not ready to take Clara’s suggestion that she create a prayer room of her own. As tensions at home escalate, though, Elizabeth begins to realize that her family is worth fighting for, and she can’t win this battle on her own. Stepping out in blind faith, putting her prayers for her family and their future in God’s hands, might be her only chance at regaining the life she was meant for. 404-pages

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Harvest of Gold by Tessa Afshar is a captivating historical novel that transports readers to the time of the Persian Empire. The main characters, Darius and Sarah, navigate through life's complexities, their journey woven with rich historical details, bringing the past alive with remarkable authenticity.

Harvest of Gold

The Harvest Series, Book 1 of 2
An arranged marriage. A man whose heart is closed to love. A king whose life hangs in the balance. A nation on the brink of annihilation.

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Undeniably Yours, penned by Becky Wade, is a captivating romance novel that enthralls readers with its intricate character dynamics and beautifully woven narrative. The story unfolds around the lead characters, Meg Cole and Bo Porter, navigating their way through the complexities of love and relationships.

Undeniably Yours

Porter Family Series, Book 1 of 4
When Meg Cole's father dies unexpectedly, she's forced to return home to Texas and to Whispering Creek Ranch to take up the reins of his empire.

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Submerged is a thrilling novel by best-selling author Dani Pettrey. It is the first book in the Alaskan Courage series, introducing readers to the adventurous McKenna clan. This riveting tale weaves together suspense, romance, and faith, transporting the reader to the majestic landscapes of Alaska.


Alaskan Courage Series, Book 1 of 5
A sabotaged plane. Two dead deep-water divers. Yancey, Alaska was a quiet town...until the truth of what was hidden in the depths off the coast began to appear.

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